Saturday, December 03, 2005

The latest plan.

Things finally are shaking out for me and my head is clearer about training than it has in a long while. Adapted to no partners again and its fine.Went through doing some powerlifting and bodybuilding and realized that that path is closed for me forevermore.

Decided to focus on three KB lifts, trying to approximate the same mental climate that I had in powerlifting without the physical problems.Also decided to let my weight creep up a bit while I focus on gaining some strength and concommitant size as well with the kbs. Plus, I am scaling back to three kb workouts per week until my conditioning comes back up.

The three lifts

Clean and press

hopefully this hammer grip snatch will let me train it hard again and establish a high number as my base.

the swing will be on monday and the focus will be on 100-200 reps in two hand or one hand swing( or a variation). the key is the basic swing and keepping track of volume. this will be on monday because I'm sure I will be sore from sat snatches.

wednesday will be clean and press variations. I am enamored of the side press now as it really works the hips as well as doesnt hurt the shoulder. I also like the 2 kb clean and continuous press. these will be the main variations.

corrective exercises such as lunges, depth squats, farmers walk, handstand and hangs will be in the mix for sure. The focus will be on the Big Three though. Hope this works.

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