Saturday, July 28, 2007

Snatches and swings

Recovered very well from Wednesdays session and was ready to go this morning. All those snatches on mvo2 day must have greased the groove as the snatches felt strong and easy today.very solid in all phases and the bell felt light.

Warmup one arm swings
16 kgx10/10x2
24 kg x7/7

16 kgx5/5

24 kg x 7/7 x 7 sets
98 snatches
5194 pounds

As I said above, these felt great, strong and powerful. Hip snap was solid as well as overhead.No bicep/shoulder issues either.

One arm swings
32kg x10/10 x6 sets
120 reps
8640 pounds

Darcs 32 kg

40 reps
2880 pounds

These were tough at the end, all the snatches started to catch up with me.The 32 kg reps were strong and fluid and were as good as they have been, but I didnt wan't to push the volume too much. It's been a rough week.The DARCs went well but the weight started to feel a bit heavy so I stopped.

Snatch Holds
24kg x60 seconds x 2 sets

Scapula Pullaparts
double mini band 3x10 reps

Stick slides,stick squat pattern, rifga stretches


Datsit, staying loose.

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