Saturday, July 21, 2007

Solid snatches.

Decided to up the reps a bit today on the 24 kg snatch. Will work up to multiple sets of 7-8 to overload the numbers I will be doing in the MVo2 test day.Today was up from 5 to 6 reps per side.

Snatch warmup
one arm swings
12 kgx10/10x3
16 kgx6/6x2

16kgx6/6 (right shoulder is a bit tight this AM, was weird all day yesterday)
24 kg x6/6 x8 sets
96 reps
5088 lbs

these went very well except for being overly focused on my right biceps. did a bunch of stick slides(stick press on the rack) and they helped alot. TONS of clavicular adjustments. Did a lot of extension stretches as well which also helped.
The snatches felt fast and easy and the groove was consistent and solid.It just always takes me a while to really get warm on saturday mornings so early.

DARC Ladders with 32 kg
148 reps

these were tough! forgot how challenging these are with the two pood. my best is 85 continuous. I have a long way to go.45 sets of snatches on Monday( mvo2 day) so I have some stretching to do.
Snatch holds
24 kg
x45 sec
50 sec
60 sec

these took awhile to settle in with my right shoulder but it felt much better after the sets.Thats all and it was enough. Nick is training for a cert and got a good exposure to some moderate rep snatches and swings. His heart rate still hasnt come down! LOL, he's got a long way to go but he will be in the best shape he's been in since his college wrestling days when he passes.

datsit, stay loose.


Fireman Tom said...

Solid work and I really have enjoyed the last few posts with all the VO2 info from KJ, and the training Tracy and you are doing.


p.s. did you consider jumping up to the 20kg, to make a smoother and "safer" transition than with the 24kg?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks tom. what do you mean,in the warmup from the 16 then the 20 then the 24, or using the 20 kg as my work set weight for the workout?

Fireman Tom said...

I meant using the 20kg for your work sets. You could still warm up with a 16, 20, 24 progression, in fact it may make the 20kg feel lighter.

Just "throwing it out there" for your consideration. I know how hard you push yourself, and the jump from 16 to 24 is 50%, not just 8 kilos. One of my sayings I use with hard-training people like you is "Ease into this; you are strong enough to hurt yourself!"


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks tom but the training goal is to be able to use the 24 kg for work sets and be within striking distance of my cert numbers all the time.
my shoulder was tight before the workout and the 16 was as irritating as the 24, really.
I have worked on building up to that jump so I don't have to use the 20 kg as a bridge.
I do appreciate your concern though; your point is never far from my mind.

Aaron Friday said...

Cool way to set up the DARC workout. I'm going to steal that.