Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well, well, well.

Feeling strong is always a surprise for me.Especially after getting my butt kicked Monday with that little 200 rep set.Felt great all afternoon and evening until my knee locked up at midnight, waking me up and not letting me alone until I thumped,stretched,prayed cajoled and massaged my kneecap in moving up and down instead of staying in one place. The wrong place.
I broke my own rules and felt so good I didnt get on the floor and stretch,didnt thump and, it seems, didnt drink enough as I as definitely dehydrated when I was so rudely awoken.

Hammy and left bicep very tight as the fight to maintain grip pushed things a bit too far,although it didnt seem to much at the time. That is the problem. But it also showed me that pushing grip endurance in one work is not my thing. So I didnt expect much today with swings with the 24 kg. Man I was wrong.

Decided to not push it and did sets of ten on one arm followed by a 30 second rest and then another set of ten on the other arm. After doing 100 reps ten felt like nothing and I was very fast, strong and powerful. Bell was face high easy.Groove was solid and kind of a combo of my lean over GS and a sit back.Straight arm was a focus and the shoulders and elbows felt solid.

One arm swings
Left arm, 30 sec then right arm
20 sets of 10
200 reps
10,600 pounds

lower back was getting fatigued at the end and didnt want to push that at all!

BOttoms up cleans
53x5/5x 3 sets

havent done these in ages and they went great! This is an easy move for me and I have done the 88 for 1. Tricky though if I try to train it and it falls into the category of exercises that I do well in if I just do them occasionally and dont try to train them. Windmills, bent presses, presses in general, and it seems, bottoms up cleans.

Rack walks
1800 feet continuous with 16 kg.

helped a lot that it wasnt 100 degrees out.already hydrating better and have already thumped. that G5 is a miracle machine and just MELTS spasms with no effort on the users part. Beautiful and worth every penny. Holding up real well at work as well.

It's always good to feel strong.


Aaron Friday said...

Stay thumped, then. Seems like you're a better man for it.

Nice, focused workout with everything working in the proper order. Gotta try those bottom-up cleans one day when I'm feeling strong.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks aaron. I staying thumped.

Brett Jones said...

Thumped it is! Some days turn out great even if they don't start that way.