Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Ruck, Lap pr!

Work capacity and cardio have definitely turned a corner! Today started out fast and just got faster. Legs felt loose and light and dropped right into a groove.
Ruck weight was 43 lbs
Six laps
55 min from door to door
Last lap timed at 7:32 an all time PR and all the other laps were 8:00 or under. 43 lbs is a good weight for me now, I almost feel like I could run!

Realized I had walked 3.2 miles just at work today! Not bad at all just wandering around the studio and another 10,000 or so on the ruck

I SO love being able to walk again. Long and fast is even better.



Unknown said...


You've only scratched the surface!!! So much more in you that you've not tapped. Great job!


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Dex but my most basic rule is NOT to be greedy! I'm walking without pain and can squat. everything else is just iceing on the a very nice cake :)
I pushed limits for most of my life and paid some serious prices. not interested in going there again