Monday, May 18, 2015

24 kg KB Press!,KB snatch!, Belt squats, floor pushup pr,sled drag

My kb press and snatch are back! Where they came from I really have no idea but I decided to play with them today since Glenn is out and I need to de load the barbell military anyway. It turned out WAY better than expected and even more than I hoped. My left arm position was virtually correct and my right arm was much better than it's been in months.

Both shoulders have been feeling better the last two weeks in general. My gut says all the asymmetries in my body from the bad knee for so long are finally working their way out of the system now that the lower body is squared up again.

I've gone back to overhead hangs from the chin bar( both one and two handed) but it seems that something had shifted prior to doing this to make it even feasible. the last time I was trying these as a stretch a few months ago they didn't help at all and seemed to just tighten me up.

For whatever reason I am very happy about it. As much as the barbell press was fun to do not being able to kb press and snatch was ultimately depressing. I just love putting that bell overhead - when it doesn't hurt so much or look so bad :)

Long cycle kb press
12 kg x 5/5 x 2
16 kg x 3/3 x 2
20 kg x 3/3
24 kg x 3/3 x 4 sets

this was awesome fun :) and the bell felt light

Kb snatch practice
16 kg  x 3/3 ( high pull first, then snatch) x 3
20 kg x 3/3 x 3

started out just playing with a high pull snatch high pull snatch combo trying to see if I could even do it and it was fine. The right side way tighter than the left ( which felt almost normal! ) but it eased up quite a bit as I did more work- just like it used to. And the 20 kg sets had the best overhead position of them all.
Still needs lots of work but so much better than expected. Happy I can even do them again.Need to get back to doing snatch holds again , too.

Belt squat
32 kg x 12 x 4 sets

solid work but legs are still a bit tired from yesterday didn't push the reps.

Floor pushups
25 !! PR

68 reps

if not for the left shoulder starting to clunk at 22 I could do 30 reps or more. very pleased with this especially after the presses and snatches

Hip sled

105 lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps

Man! Glutes on fire. forced myself to do 4 laps but I was done after 3. Great finisher though and my HR was 165 at the end. nice

ok  day off then 18 min swing vo2 on wednesday


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Mike Moran said...

That is awesome!!! I saw you pressing on youtube and I am glad to hear its because your shoulders are feeling better. Good stuff.