Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Ruck slow and heavy, as expected

The ruck after a beast training session is pretty much always the same: slow and hard. It's getting better though, I loosen up faster, die later and not as bad but it might be awhile before I can feel light on my feet after that heavy ass bell.
I changed the orientation of the load a bit too, got it to sit  up a bit higher than before( as is the standard wisdom) but it didn't feel better. I have a very short torso and lean quite a bit normally. The higher COG made me lean even more.
I'll be putting the load back as it was.
But it wasn't too bad, just hotter and muggier than usual. Heat is what really gets you in shape and that's coming. Today was barely a warmup to that :)

Six 30 second iso squats between laps 4 and 11. Lap times were around 8:15 not bad

50 lbs
12 laps
6 iso squats
2 full hours :)

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