Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Ruck , Didn't break pace.

Another odd one. Wasn't going to ruck as I thought I had a hard to get appointment scheduled that got cancelled at the last moment. Then, it looked like serious thunderstorms ( perfect for  our drought) but that's why it's great the park is two blocks away. It's an short walk back home if something changes.
 So I rucked up with the light weight ( 43 lbs) and took off.Tracy's toe is better already but she's not ready for this so I was solo.

Right away it felt easy and light. No back issues and legs were just MOVING. I remember this from the old old days when I literally felt like I could run forever some times

It did rain but not too hard and it was clean, clear crisp and the air was full of oxygen .Awesome

So I set a fast pace and didn't break it for any moment of all six laps. I timed the last lap at 7:45 and it was the same as the rest. That's probably my all time best. Definitely for not having to slow down or change pace at all. Very fun. And the pack felt light and my back felt fine.
Also did it in a very fasted state.
Was up since 3:45 am and rucked at 1 pm. Only one handful of almonds all day.
Weight is done this AM too, 160.8
I feel better lighter and will probably drop to 158 and keep it between that and 160 high.

six laps
55 min
43 lb ruck

neverquit cause you never know when you're going to feel good :)
when I could walk or run all day. 1979

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