Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday Ruck, A walk in the park, plus a little more

 The ruck went well this morning albeit a little slow start; just like last week. The first five laps were just slow.Yesterdays swing workout wasn't as heavy as last week but tons of power and volume. In fact just about the same tonnage ( ten tons!+).
And as usual I got fluid and warmed up by lap 6 so all was well.
Didn't bonk like I did last week and finished the last two laps strong.
Then, went out to get the car washed and ended up walking another 45 minutes, no pack of course , but still on my feet.
This worked out well- two hours of rucking and another hour or so of just being "up" and about.
The weight on the ruck was solid almost time to put another 2.5 lbs in it too.

 12 laps
50 lbs rucks
11 iso squats
45 min free walk
16, 510 steps
7.49 miles
 about 3 hours

I'll take it. Mil press tomorrow. 110 lbs for sets of 4!


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