Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Ruck: A goldilocks workout

No problem. Not too hard, not too slow and not too fast. Just right for a Sunday after a heavy ass swing and squat workout yesterday.
Although I did get too much lat involvement yesterday with the front squat.Legs were fine but my lats got overused after all those swings AND holding the 28's for reps. Looks like I have to go back to the Goblets. No worries, at least those help me get my chest up and out- the front squats, even if I work hard at it, tend to pull me into flexion because of the position of both bells in front.

Decided not to do the iso squats today because of the lats but ended up putting them in at lap seven. the legs needed a stretch; worked out fine.

50lbs pack
1:55 min
12 laps ( last lap timed at 8 min!)
6 sets of iso squats

BW 162.6 (  ate up a bit yesterday )


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