Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Ruck, 53 lbs

So close to the goal of 55 lbs. But as usual when I add some weight, even just a few lbs, the legs and  lungs can feel it. Added 3 lbs to the ruck today and it was not that bad at all, really. but I could certainly feel the difference from the start.

Good day today, legs and back were fine and I decided to cut back on the iso squats and that actually made the ruck easier! Decided that doing belt squats on Sat, lots of heavy iso squats on Sunday and then more squats on Mondays  is not the best idea anymore.

It was fine when the ruck was lighter but now it's not so light and I want to save it  for tomorrows leg workout. Plus the idea was to stretch out the knee ROM and  I think that's better done now with bodyweight.
Definitely can feel the benefit of all this conditioning I am doing. Finally getting in real shape, it's fun :)

Still I did 3 sets, one every 4 laps, just to stretch out the legs. Plus this saved me around 8 total minutes. Just about enough time for another lap- soon. But not today. The extra weight was enough increase

 53 lb ruck
12 laps
3 iso squats
1:55 min total

Feel great! back off on Mil Press tomorrow and add in some KB front squats. Can't wait!


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