Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Light training before the Hungarian Cert.

We got back Sunday night now we are off again to train some serious Hungarian Candidates for their RKC! Ninety of them, in fact! This will be the largest International RKC of all time and I can't wait! I am so pumped up after this weekend at the HKC and getting to powwow with so many of my fellow Senior and Master Instructor and getting to help shape the new vision of the RKC.

If anyone would have told me I'd be getting used to traveling this much a few years ago I would tell them they were crazy but it seems I am. Despite it wrecking my training ,lol, my body seems to be holding up better than ever during travel. I'm not even taking my foam roller or my thumper any more when I travel and things are working well.

So again with one foot on the gas and another on the brake I trained a bit of everything as I will miss presses and snatches on thursday and saturday. I am teaching the snatch on Saturday so plan on getting some work in there and perhaps I will partake of Snatch Vo2 when KJ runs the candidates through it on Sat as well.

6 am stretching:

strap hamstrings
down dog
up dog
straddle stretch
foam roll on IT band
stick slides
overhead stretch
behind back stretch both grips
kneeling shoulder stretch

rack walks
15 minutes with 16 kg alternating arms every 100 feet.

8:30 am
KB Silverback Deadlift

24 kg x 10
28 kgx10
32 kg x8
36 kg x8
40 kg x8
48 kg x 8

Nice.I can't believe I am using 106 lbs of sumo dl for my leg work but at least I can do it and it's heavier than last week.

16 kg x10/10 x2
20 kg x7/7
x 9/9

68 reps. these were easy and strong with solid pauses at the top. Have to get back to higher volume sets. PLUS this puts me in second place on the 50K snatch leader board with 52,710 snatches. Nice.

Double clean and alternate press

16 kg x5/5x 2
20 kg x3/3

these went well but of course it was light.

Clubbell arm cast
10x 15/15 x2
15 lbs x 12/12 x2

Db laterals
12 x15 x 3 sets

quick and dirty.

two clients tomorrow am then off to see SRKC Peter Lakatos and his version of Hungarian Hardstyle!