Thursday, August 26, 2010

300 swings.

Inspired by all that swing talk on Tracy's interview with Logan and Bud last night on the teleseminar I knew I wanted to push up last weeks meager swing numbers but I didn't quite know how I was going to do it.

The wide stance double work has been irritating my good knee a bit so I thought I would bring my stance in and get back to basics; including some two hand swing work.

It was the end of another long 7 client day culminating with a brand new student so I wasn't sure what would be in the bank when I went to make an energy withdraw but as usual, how I feel going in is no indication of how strong I would be.

Still being cautious as I build back my work capacity I started off with 100 one arm swings done in an uphill rep ladder

One arm swing
16 kg x5/5
20 kg x5/5

work sets
24 kg x5/5
100 reps

These felt solid; my wind and form felt spot on.short rest between sets too.

two hand swing
24 kg x10 reps x 10 sets
100 reps

Again these felt excellent. Amazingly, Tracy has never seen me train two handed swings and she was impressed with my technique. Coming from the swing queen this is high praise, even if she is my wife!

My groove on all my swings and snatches these last few workouts feel much better since I started really concentrating on watching the horizon( in my gym the intersection of the wall and the floor).

I forgot where my eyes were supposed to be looking of late and /snatch my swing form went to hell. SO, I went back to basics(standard RKC SOP) and kept my eyes on the horizon and my groove just followed. Thank God.

I also brought my stance in and that helped as well. Too wide just doesn't work for me anymore it seems.

Hand to hand transfers
24 kg x10 x 10 sets
100 reps

same as above, short rest and done HS.

total swings done =300 with the 24 kg. Now it wasn't done in one long set and it wasn't the 600 one arm swings I have done in the past but it was almost 200 more than I did last week and they felt stronger than last week. That's all I care about.

That and not feeling like I did any workout at all tomorrow when I get up. I used to live to "feel" the effects of my workout in the next day(s); to me that symbolized successful training.That I had really 'worked' the muscles and stimulated growth.

Now it's not feeling that I worked out at all even though I put up some good numbers in the previous day's workout.

I need to feel loose, strong and mobile, not sore and creaky.It feels good to be back to swinging, too and I am holding my breath to see whether I can include the two hand swing in my routines regularly. That would be Christmas in September :))

Snatch Holds

16 kgx 30/30 sec
20 kg x30/30 sec
24 kg x20/20 sec

These work for me although they suck to do. But my shoulders always feel better after

Stick shrugs
5 sets of 10( easily double that done throughout morning)

this things clears my biceps impingement almost on demand.

datsit. Heavy snatches on Saturday and lots of stretching tomorrow.

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