Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lats, the Super Muscles is ready!

My DVD is now ready to ship and covers this incredibly important but underused and poorly understood muscle group from top to bottom. Get your copy here!

Here's a brief preview of what I cover:

~ Latissimus Dorsi: A brief anatomy and kinesiology lesson -- Where they are and what they do

~ Lats and the kettlebell swing
~ How to use your lats to really put power in your swing
~ Lats and the kettlebell press -- How to increase your pressing power and save your shoulders using this super muscle
~ How to build your lats with the kettlebell press -- Build your lat size and strength as you strengthen your overhead press
~ Pull-up power: How to use the kettlebell press to
~ increase your pull-up strength and endurance
~ How to use your lats properly in the barbell bench press
~ The secret to the most popular barbell lift of all
~ Row, row, row your lats -- Use the horizontal bodyweight row to up your strength in the bench press and build your wing size
~ You've tightened them, now stretch them out -- Learn how to stretch and open up these big crucial back muscles

This live seminar DVD is 1 hour, 31 minutes.


Tracy Reifkind said...

If you are a PT and you don't own this DVD, then shame on you! I live with "the man" himself, and have requested my own audio copy of this amazing DVD to listen to in my car!

Even if you don't train clients for a living, you are cr-razy for not owning this information! Small price to pay for "Lat enlightenment"

If you've never had the privilege of having Mark as an Instructor, then you will appreciate his unique way of making the complex simple. If you have had Mark as your teacher/coach and/or Team Leader then I need say more?

Mark Reifkind said...

You're the best sweetie!