Monday, March 01, 2010

Three certs, one month.

Team Rif Level 2 RKC 2010
Back row: Steve, Gene,Norm,Sergei,A.J., , Seth
front row: Junior,Jason,Mike, Renee',Me, Betsy, Nikki, Claire, Maz
Center stage: Paul

It's been a crazy month, with an HKC, a Level 1 RKC and a Level 2 RKC all in the shortest month of the year. I feel like each cert just got better and tighter and this weekends Level 2 was nothing short of amazing.

The amount of incredibly detailed but totally streamlined drills, progressions , corrections and fixes was the best I've ever seen it. Not to mention the teaching of the skills themselves.
I was , am, completely honored and privileged to have been part of this course. I learned SO MUCH as well as got to teach so much. We went deeper into ALL the skills, ALL Level 1 as well as all Level 2, than ever before but with so much more clarity it was scary.

Team Rif started out rough but made incredible progress almost every minute;soaking up every piece of information and applying to the best of their ability. Everyone worked their butts off and kept their ears and their minds, open.

My assistants Betsy Collie, and Jason Marshall, kicked butt and helped me and everyone on the team immensely. Jason is one strong hombre and press the Bulldog COLD, on a moments notice for his C& P test so easily it looked like a 16 kg. What a humble and intelligent man.Betsy was great as well and noticed each and every detail. Thanks so much, both you guys.

I was also happy to have RKC Team Leader Paul Daniels on my team, recerting. This man is one SERIOUS athlete( not to mention a camera hog,lol) and it was so good to be able to work with him.

Brett and Jeff O'Conner were both amazing and their knowledge base has increased exponentially. Crazy good stuff on mobility and the TGU and Andrea put the windmill into an entirely different stratosphere. Come prepared mentally as well as physically when you come to the Level 2.

And can't forget my beautiful and wicked strong wife Tracy, who audited the course most of the weekend, soaking up as much infomation as possible as she debates whether she wants to commit to training for the Level 2 in June.
I know she can do it, she can do anything she sets her mind to, it's just whether it's the best used of her time. And time will tell. It is so great to be able to spend so many days together enjoying our love of training, kettlebells and each other in these incredible environments.

And, her TGU's are getting better by the day and she can dead hang 25+ seconds anytime she wants. Pullups are next whether she goes to Level 2 or not :))

Top photo: Team Rif on the last day.

Reminded me of my CK- FMS weekend. My brain hurt there too.


mc said...

rif, really good to see you. enjoyed very much your presentation of the new swing teaching sequences and the way you reviewed for level 1 reassessment. A model of pedagogic efficiency in terms of here's the concept; here's the pieces to build up the concept; here's practice of the pieces; questions on the pieces; here's the practice of the whole thing - the whole being potentially different than the parts.

nice nice work.
thank you.


Mark Reifkind said...


great to see you again as well.also glad that you enjoyed the teaching and the training.
thanks so much for the kind words as well

hope to see you UK for an HKC in the future!