Saturday, March 27, 2010

Max Vo2 based training.

This is what Tracy calls her max vo2 workouts; maxvo2 based workouts. She's done all the strict protocols, including the LAT and Boost training and uses the basic interval template of equal work to equal rest as the baseline. But then she 'creates' new workouts every time, changing them, as always, to make it harder not easier.

I thought about this after I had a little epiphany yesterday. Right after I wrote my post about using the WSB template to train my strict kb press I realized I should switch from snatching during Saturday's max vo2 workout to high pulls . I felt that this might contribute more to to my pressing goals than strict snatches. It's all about the details and the goal. If high pulls will help
High pulls will create more upper back/shoulder work and I would like to put some more mass on in that area.

BUT I still have to finish the 50kg snatch challenge as well. I also would like to add another day of kb training, slowly so I don't mess myself up but another day would make it easier to get in all the things I want to do.
I thought about training one day in snatches for just max reps on each arm and that's it for the say in snatches. High rep training but going slower and having it be more low intensity than the explosiveness of max vo2 work.

The longer set ( tension) will add mass as well, although in a different way.More red fiber. But mass is mass at a certain point.Louie always said the easiest way to put pounds on your total was to eat more.

But I missed snatches last week so decided on a compromise: 6 sets of high pulls followed by 6 sets of snatches all in 15:15 worksets. It worked out great!

High Pull/snatch Vo2
16 kg
56 total sets
28 sets of 7 hi pulls=196 reps
28 sets of 7 snatches=196

392 reps
14,112 lbs

nice! I haven't done high pulls in ages and I forgot how much I like them and their unique groove.One of my favorite RKC workouts is the Right of Passage done with Hi pulls. laddering up from 10/10 to 20/20 in an " I go, you go" style give you 200 reps in 10 minutes.Loads of fun.
I've done it with the 24 kg and that ain't no joke. It's not as hard as snatching it but it's tough.
I can see if I do just a high pull workout that I could use the 20kg for 7's or the 16 for 8 or 9 reps.

Today's workout was solid and I stretched out for 30 minutes beforehand which really helps me.
Lots of lying hammy strap stretches, brettzel's( this is making a HUGE difference in my overhead position it seems) straddle stretches and stick work.

5 sets of 10
2 sets of 8

strict and slow. these kicked my butt!Lots of good tricep, pec, front delt and mid back work.Plus lots of 'pressing' reps. a press is a press is a press. the angles just change a bit but the mechanics don't.

Clubbell Arm casts
10 lb x10/10
15lbs x10/10
20lbs x 5/5
x 7/7
15 lbs x15/15

more good tricep and lat work.

more brettzels and hamstring stretches.

The schedule is shaping up like this

Max vo2 based high pulls and/or snatches
Volume pushups
Clubbell work for arms
rack walks

KB press ; alternate max effort and technique/volume day
Tactical pullups; either alternating with presses or as a stand alone exercise
KB cleans; variations according to press version above
Triceps( variations of extensions)

High rep snatches, one set ( goal = max reps with each arm- steady state training)
Heavy swings( alternate: one arm , two kb, two hand, stacked bells)
Goblet squat

man if I could get to being able to do two handed or two kb swings AND some squatting it would be awesome. Just have to make myself go very slowly and assess along the way with calm disspassion.
Yeah, right :))

Looks like a good start.

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