Saturday, March 13, 2010

3836 to go.Snatch Vo2 workout

Wow, my first snatch workout in almost two months. When my back got so bad that I didn't know where to turn I stopped doing yoga AND I stopped snatching. I didn't think the snatch was the culprit but I wasn't going to take any more chances, so I stopped snatching and overstretching.

My back is( knock on wood) better than it has been in months and months and I suspect it was more about the yoga than anything so I decided to add back some snatches into the mix today. I wanted to be conservative as we went into this high volume workout( our Saturday Max Vo2 day) with Tracy, Nick and Meg at Girya so I started with 6 reps per 15 sec work bout and did just 30 sets total. I could have done much more, which was the point. I could have done 7's and another 15-20 sets as well but I know that's not about doing the workout as much as it is surviving it tomorrow.
I finally got to put some snatch numbers back on the snatch race manager website and I now only have 3836 snatches to go to get my 50k done! It's taken longer than I wanted it to but it's finally going in the right direction again.

Snatch Vo2
15:15 16 kg
30 sets of 6(180 reps)
20 sets of 9 swing reps
4 sets of 7

208 snatch reps

Instead of stopping after I knew I had done enough snatches I continued with one arm swings which were, suprsingly, pretty hard after the snatches. I had thought about doing 10 rep sets but 9 seemed smarter.
I finished up with sets of 7 at the end just 'cause :)) My back felt fine and I think it will be tomorrow as well. It's nice to almost feel 'normal' again.

Pushups( I go , you go fashion)

10 sets
64 reps

I was doing these too fast the first sets of 8 and my shoulder wasn't staying stable so I slowed it down, dropped the reps and things got back into place.

25 Lb Clubbell Barbarian Press

6 sets of 5 each arm

these were a bit tough after the pushups> haven't done these in awhile either.
great workout.I don't know what fresh hell Tracy was up to in her workout but I know it involved doing numerous sets of max snatches on just one arm before switching. The woman is a Machine!



Rob O'Brien said...

Congrats man! Keep it going.


Mark Reifkind said...

I'm back :)))

thanks man.

David R Bradley said...

Welcome back to Snatching! Can you post or send a link for the 5000 Snatch Website. I'd like to check it out. Thanks!


Mark Reifkind said...


thanks, scroll down my blog list ,it's at the bottom "personal training manager."

Espiritu Arete said...

Urinary bladder meridian and an 'anatomy train' runs dorso-inferiorly and weaves down about the heel, the heels can get a beating and deliver it to the kidney and lumbar region. A wooden dowel,'footsie' or 'tai chi ruler' rolled under the feet could help any distal binding in the tendon and ligament system as it wraps the heel and joins the arches. It helped me get the heavier end moving with real 'snap', showing me no more obstructions of the 'peng'needed for the 'punch up' . Old folks at home used to just walk on stones. Hard heels, hard back, I have to watch for this because fascia resilience is tough for me. Whether it helps or not, love your posts, all the best.

Mark Reifkind said...


interesting stuff,I've done something similar before but I will experiment.thanks for commenting

Steve Meidinger said...

Thanks for posting that video, Rif.