Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Max effort press

I had high hopes for today after Saturday's great high pull and snatch workout. I wanted to go in really rested and ready to lift some heavier weight but life can sometimes get in the way of training and that was the case today. I was ready but not rested. Yesterday went very long and was way stressfull.
The idea of max effort training is to just go the limit of that day, with no psyching or adrenaline, and lift as much as you can, so I geared it down a bit and went to see what I could do.

It's always good when I get to lift with my favorite training partner and student, my lovely wife, and that always makes me stronger.She's a tough crowd too so I have to be on my toes. She works on her Level 2 skills on Tuesday after leading 3-4 30-45 minute kettlebell classes AND a one hour spin class.

This is not her main Level 2 day so it's not that bad if she's a bit tired but she always hangs tough and does what I ask her to.

A good psych can add 5-15% to an experienced lifters performance but also burn you out for weeks(especially as you get older); so the idea is to lift intensely but not get your blood pressure up.
I always know when the psych is there as I can literally feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I LOVE that feeling but's for testing and competition, not training. Just hard solid work.

Started the day with 50 solid minutes of stretching, rolling and stick work for the shoulders. I love doing this as Tracy kicks her classes ass. They are tough chicks too, the one's that keep showing up, that is,lol.

And that ain't easy.

But no pysch today and I wanted to start right out with press I needed to do some light swings first just to uncreak myself and that's when I knew things were really dicey.

I started to feel my lats and abs contract hard, too hard on my 24 and 28 kg one arm swings so instead of going to the 32 and 36 kg I went right to pressing and warmed up slow. I knew I didnt have much in the tank.

20 kg x5/5
24 kg x5/5
28 kgx5/5

KB Press
20kg x3/3

32kgx1/1x 3 sets

This went ok although the weight felt heavy. Cleaning it and holding it but not pressing it. I guess that's good and all three reps moved fast and stayed in their groove( like all good presses should).
I had thought about doing pullups next but I also wanted to do heavy cleans and knew I better get to that first ,so:

One arm cleans
36 kgx3/3 x 3 sets

this was tough and I almost had to psych up a bit after the first set when I felt it get real heavy.Ok I focused in more with no problem. they got lighter after that. I just have to go slow(er) and be patient and remember, REMEMBER taht being pain free is way more important than how heavy I lift. You can always put more weight on a bar or get a heavier bell.
The weight always wins that way.

But it did feel good to have that bell up in the rack.

Tactical pullups

5sets of 3

these felt strong and it was nice to stretch out in the hang.I have to also not let myself get too sore or tight.

Goblet squats
12 kg x3 prying drill style
16 kg x 3 long reps prying to get deeper.

wow I actually squatted something. wow.it's been years since I was the most obsessed squatter in the world.I've been stretching the squat pattern for a few years now and might be ready. we'll see tomorrow am,lol

Crooked arm bars
20 lb kb for 2 sets

these are getting better.and I think part of it is from the brettzels.

datsit. more stretching later, I'm tight already.

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