Sunday, March 21, 2010

HKC Tempe, Arizona, 2010.

Arizona's first ever HKC was a great success and thanks so much to Keats Snideman and Reality Based Fitness for hosting us.
Keats is a real deal athlete , student of the body and movement and one humble guy and I learned tons from being with him this weekend. It's always an honor and an inspiration to be around people that live the life and walk their talk and Keats is one of these guys.

We had six very well prepared people and Tracy and I so enjoyed spending the day teaching them and showing them just how much can get done with one little cannonball with a handle. This was our forth HKC and they just keep getting better and easier and more relaxed.

The transformations I see on Day Three of the RKC and I now see, in miniature, at the end of Day One at our HKCs.What an honor to be part of that transformation. HKC Burlingame in three weeks!~ Can't wait.

Video to follow.

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