Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back to volume and, some snatches!

Squats are next. stretching out at level 2

It was great to be able to approach today's training without one foot on the brake, even though I knew I had to start slowly or suffer the consequences. I haven't done a volume workout for three weeks and wanted to start slowly but I was suprised at how strong I felt.

I still want to do mostly swing vo2 workouts for awhile but I was thinking about throwing some snatches in, somewhere today but I wasn't sure. I know the yoga wasn't helping my back but I also wasn't sure snatches weren't bothering it as well and I'm feeling too good to go the other direction.

I am getting a little more bodyweight on as well due to some heavier training and some heavier eating, lol. It's good weight though and I want to add another 5 or so pounds too, at least. 165-168 sounds good. When I get my pressing in line and add some leg work back in the weight should bounce up pretty easily.

Swing Vo2
16 kg

9 reps per arm

54 sets

snatches for last four sets: 6 reps per arm for 2 sets, then 7 per arm for 2 sets

its not many snatches at all but after being off them for so long( it seems) I was worried I forgot how to snatch! No worries and they felt light and easy( as they are). BUT, I am back towards my 50 k snatch challenge goal and it won't be long before I can do max vo2 with all snatches again, as well as snatch my beloved , vintage 24 kg bell.

I only did 9 reps per arm to be cautious. Cardio was good although my HR was too low for max vo2 work but it was a solid start.

8 rep x 10 sets : 80 reps!

not bad. I started out trying to do these for 15 sec intervals and continue the 15;15 protocol. I also tried to do them ballistically, as Pavel advised, but I would have had to do 12 reps per 15 sec work bouts and that was too much. Also, I am not ready for ballistic pushups yet do opted to do them "i go, you go" style with Nick. 8 reps per bout was just fine....

great pump,lol.

These were done elbows in, shoulder width.


12 kg x6/6

16kg x6/6 x 4 sets

Tactical Pullups ( bodyweight)

6 sets of 2

YES! I can do pullups again with no pain! Crazy cool! I used all the techniques I got from Level 2 and it was easy. I think I have finally lost my bodybuilders groove for pullups . Good riddance. These were throat to the bar style. Nice. I know I can hook the 24 kg for a rep in the near future,just have to remember to go more slowly than I want to,lol.

Rack walks

alternating rack position in each arm and farmers walk in left

15 minutes continuous.

these were great as well. Did them after driving home from Girya. This definitely strengthens my gait.

very happy with this workout. Much more to come I hope.



Brett Jones said...

Very nice on the pull-ups
As I noted at the Level 2 I am regaining my pull-ups and realizing how much ab work is involved etc...
Great working with you - we made a pretty good team for level one review

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Brett,

it was great working with you this weekend.I learned tons from you as usual.