Sunday, March 28, 2010

Muscle, Strength and Condition Workshop May 2,2010

With Master Instructors Mark Reifkind and David " The IronTamer" Whitley and the "Queen of the Kettlebell Swing, Tracy Reifkind RKC.

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9-10:30 Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen with Dave Whitley
11-12:30 KB Swing Progressions with Tracy Reifkind
12:30-1:30 Lunch—provided
1:30-3:00 Lats, the Super Muscles with Mark Reifkind
3:30-5:00 Irontamer Kettlebell Action with Dave Whitley
5:15-6:00 Open Q&A with Rif, Dave and Tracy


This workshop will be filmed for DVD. Attendees will receive a free set of DVDs approximately two months after the event.

Master RKC

Lats, the Super Muscles

Most people want to get stronger and look stronger at the same time. Lucky for them the two are synonymous! Learn the secrets of where back strength comes from, how to create pulling and pushing power. Superior lats can change the way you look, as well as what you can do with a kettlebell, barbell or your bodyweight.

In this workshop seminar you will learn

  • Latissimus Dorsi: A brief anatomy and kinesiology lesson—Where they are and what they do
  • Lats and the kettlebell swing: How to use your lats to really put power in your swing
  • Lats and the kettlebell press: How to increase your pressing power and save your shoulders using this super muscle
  • How to build your lats with the kettlebell press: Build your lat size and strength at the same time as you strengthen your overhead press
  • Pull-up power: How to use the kettlebell press to increase your pull-up strength and endurance, with or without training the pull-up
  • How to use your lats properly in the barbell bench press: The secret to the most popular barbell lift of all
  • Row, row row your lats: Use the horizontal bodyweight row to up your strength in the bench press and build your wing size
  • The upper body squat: Using the dumbbell pullover for ultimate upper body development in ONE exercise. A neglected exercise that stands the test of time, learn the secrets of this amazing movement
  • You’ve tightened them, now stretch them out! Learn how to stretch and open up these big crucial back muscles.

Master RKC

Lessons of the Old-Time Strongmen

  • Definitions of strength
  • Discuss some of the record lifts that remain unbroken after decades such as Goerner’s 727lb 1-hand DL, Saxon’s Bent press & 2 hands anyhow and others, even with modern technology and gear
  • How these men trained to get so strong and why we should pay attention
  • Modern performing strongmen training methods
  • How breath relates to strength, discussion of various breathing techniques to enhance strength and recovery
  • How it all comes down to grip and hips

Irontamer Kettlebell Action

  • How to use the kettlebell as a tool to teach movement and tension principles
  • Why the getup is the foundation for all grinding kettlebell lifts
  • How to perform the bent press—a detailed step-by-step breakdown
  • How to boost your military pressing power


Kettlebell Swing Progressions

The kettlebell swing is without a doubt the most important of all the kettlebell exercises, but who really knows how to train it properly? For most trainees, this is a throwaway move, done at the end of the workout for a minimal number of sets and reps as they strive to get into the more “exciting” movements of the snatch, clean and press and jerks.

But Tracy Reifkind has changed all that with her original kettlebell choreography and progressions method allowing one to use just the basic kettlebell swing for an almost unlimited number of routines and intensity increases.

Learn how to program the kettlebell swing for the ultimate in muscular and cardio conditioning with just a few basic progressions and concepts.

Tracy regularly takes her clients—just regular people—from barely able to do 10-rep swing sets to being able to crank out 600 swings in 30 minutes… no problem! And without getting bored!

Learn how to maximize the most basic and important kettlebell exercise for the most efficient results possible.


Diana said...

I can "only" hope you decide to offer this DVD to those who could not be fortunate enough to attend this awesome sounding event!

Mark Reifkind said...


This Will be a DVD, it's planned that way.can't wait to do this and finally see Tracy's swing methods,concepts and her beginning workouts on dvd.

Diana said...

Put my name on that list......of course, I expect "my" copy to be autographed!

Boris T. said...

Good luck to you guys, sounds like it's going to be a good time.

Laree Draper said...

Looking forward to this!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Boris I know it will be a blast.

Mark Reifkind said...

me too Laree!

:Darius said...

is anyone driving down from sf or berkeley/oakland?

Mark Reifkind said...


you should post this on the dragon door forum. more people will see it.hope to see you there.

kettlebells_n_sunshine said...

Please be sure to let us know when the DVD is ready.. I CANT WAIT to order my copy!
Wish I could be there with you in person.....

Mark Reifkind said...

will do, when the dvd's come out I will let everybody know,lol.
we've been waiting a long time to get Tracy's original swing training methods on dvd.