Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Heavy swings and some light juggling

40 kg stacked swing
My plan to override the DOMS that would surely be settling in Monday by training on that day didn't really plan out and I woke up pretty stiff and sore this AM. Not the best condition for heavy swing day but oh well. I started off with 50 minutes of solid stretching first, after starting Tracy's swing class off with joint mobility.
Foam rolling, straddles,bretzells, my new rope assisted hamstring stretch, squat stretches, prone cobras, horse stances( vert) and THEN into shoulder stretching with stick work overhead and behind my back and hanging from the TAPS bar. 50 minutes straight of pure stretching. Just what the doctor ordered.

Then, at 11:30 am:

Two KB stacked Swings
( two bells in one hand)

2 18's(16 kg) x5/5
1 12 kg 1 8 kg( 20 kg) x5/5
2 12 kg(24 kg) x 5/5
1 16 1 12 kg( 28 kg) x5/5
2 16 kg ( 32 kg) x5/5
1 16 1 20 kg( 36 kg) x5/5
2 20 kg( 40kg) x 5/5

Not bad! An 88 lb one arm swing. I haven't done that, or these stacked swings in years. They felt good and I could have gone up but I didn't want to push it anymore than this.

Here's some video of the 36 kg swings

Then H2H transfers

24 kg x 16
28 kg x14
32 kg x12
28kgx 14
24 kgx20

these went very well and I was doing them mentally thinking about juggling them , and the transfer, as a juggling skill in itself. Lots of float and 'pretend' flips.

Juggling with the 12 kg

10 minutes

around body pass, around knee pass , around knee under flip, two hand under flips, two handed over flips.

I ain't ready for Max Shank, that's for sure but it's been 4 years plus since I even played with any juggling so I started slow. I used to do a complete routine, like a gymnastics routine, when I was doing this regularly with Mike Castro. Time to regain those skills.


Boris T. said...

Juggling is always a lot of fun. I was at the Arnold's this weekend for a KB competition and ws tempted to try and juggle but it's been too long sense I've tried so it could have ended up ugly. :(

Mark Reifkind said...


I think the key to learning juggling is training it where you enjoy dropping it, so there's no fear :))