Monday, August 20, 2007

Cycling max vo2 day

Was scheduled for 35 sets of snatch work today, a down week, and I did not snatch on Saturday, hoping that it would put some more snap into todays speed workout. And it did that quite nicely :))
Used my gymboss today trying to keep track of the total count and I still managed to screw it up on the end of the video saying it was 39 sets each, when it was 37. I can't be trusted to count. Ever.But the gym boss doesnt lie, but when I can't breathe I dont seem to read so good either.So we did 37 sets each.
Today was much smoother and I felt the new groove( flat on my feet) worked perfectly. I felt really " in balance" and over my base every rep. This is usually NOT the case and I search a lot in training for that "magic spot".Well, now I know exactly where it is,and, funny enough, it's the same spot for my deadlift and my squat and it originally got discovered when I hurt my back and couldnt squat except on the stability ball.

Squatting on the ball FORCED me to get flat on my feet and over my base of support or I was OFF the ball! I realized then that I had found my real base of support and my center of balance. when my back healed and I went back to powerlifting ( for a last gasp) I had never felt more confident in my barbell squat and deadlift form. It was just too late , though, for my spine and back and later my brain said no mas.

BUT , it seems the same position, go figure, goes for another pulling motion, the kettlebell swing and snatch. Excellent smithers, excellent.

Max Vo2 with 16 kg
37 sets @ 7 reps per cycle
15 sec on 15 sec off
259 reps
9324 lbs

I take virtually no warmup now, which was unheard of for me for even the lightest workouts before.

half way into it

the last sets

One arm swings with 16 kg
10/10x8 sets
160 reps
5760 lbs

had plenty left so I did a few sets of swingsand played with position to fill in the mileage.

Stick Shoulder Extensions5 sets of 8; lots of isometric holds at the top. These REALLY work the external rotators infraspinitus and teres minor better than any rehab thing I have done before!Plus the triceps fire like crazy and further release the biceps/radiobrachialis.

rack walks with 20 kg
6 sets of 200 feet with 45 sec rest between.
decided to slow things down and go back to basics. I had started focusing so much on total distance walked continuously I was getting sloppy in my gait work.I started out with short walks with longer rests and thats what got me strong enough to go longer but I need to slow the gait down and really focus on position. I was using Aarons tai chi visual of 'walking downward" with each step and I like that. Also getting on my whole foot here too and adjusting body posture accordingly.
easier movement, less pain. all good.

Stick squats
1x50 reps
close stance, flat foot.

datsit,staying loose


Tim Anderson said...

Man, I would love to train with you one day. Heads = Carolina, Tails = California. Maybe one day...

Mark Reifkind said...

any time tim, just let me know.

Royce said...

Rif I can tell the difference with the flat foot technique. Your position looks a lot stronger.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks royce, I could immediately tell it was better. much better balance and power.hows the hand?

Royce said...

Better, it's still pretty banged up, but most of the swelling is gone. I am usng the ice bucket, takes the pain away almost instantly. Came in really handy yesterday afer I sprinted. We got the windshield replaced, can't wait for my hand to heal then it will be like it never happened. ( damn do I STILL feel stupid.......)