Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Interesting article on endurance training

Got this off Tom Furmans site and it's a very interesting article in the Art Devany, Evolutionary Fitness mode. THe kicker is that I knew Mark Sisson and rode with him a bit in the early eighties when I was a cyclist riding with the Palo ALto Bike club guys.He definitely knows from where he speaks as a athlete and a full understanding of the doping scene as well as one of the earliest administrators of thriatlon drug testing.

"Training is no guarantee of health"

He has a blog as well that is very interesting


Tim Anderson said...

I have many books that agree with this training philosophy. I hate endurance training, so i take to this school of thought as well. I've always noticed that endurance/marathon/triatholon people don't really look healthy. Atleast to me anyways... Muscle is beautiful.

Brett Jones said...

Great post and great link - even Kenneth Cooper now recommends only 30 minutes of running 3 days a week for "cardio" health.
Ultra-endurance might be a nice place to visit but you certainly shouldn't live there.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah,had I known then...
but hey,I was running that long for a variety of reasons as I suspect most are.