Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More snatches and swings.

Akinori Nakayama had great shoulder extension.

Not sure what is harder, doing max vo2 on mondays after I've snatched the 24 kg on Saturday, or snatching it on Wednesdays after Mondays speed work. Today was little better than last week but after three full days of clients and mondays cns blast hump day is a fairly large lump about 1 pm.
But hey, gotta practice what I preach so a 15 minute power nap and off I go. Luckily Joe was in today and that always helps; knowing someone is waiting for you and has a big workout to do themselves. A very toasty 90+ today in stones gym and still no fan. My heat tolerance is getting better all the time. Love that sweat. I can still vividly remember the (recent) days when I could not work out hard enough to break a good sweat without hurting something.I love to train; it is a blessing to be able to create your own strength.

16 kgx5/5x2

24kgx 5/5
90 reps
4770 lbs

Swing Snatch( one swing, one snatch )
10 swing snatches each side with 24 kg
3 sets
60 reps
3180 lbs

One arm swing/transfer combination
10 right, 10 left, 10 transfers with 24 kg=30 reps
3 sets
90 reps

total tonnage:
240 reps
12,720 lbs
120 snatches

man, when am doing it it seems like so much work but when I write it down, and think of the crazy reps my wife does it seems like nothing, But it worked me good, and not too hard, so like ot or not, that's where I am today. I will take it and like it. Snatches are great and so much fun to do. I can easily remember just a short while ago when I could not snatch at all and all I could do was swing.
Now that was ok compared to not being able to train at all but not nearly as good as being able to snatch, for decent weight and reps and volume. Now it seems I can snatch twice a week; something I've never been able to recover from before.
right arm overhead position was very good today and I was still working on getting the shoulder packed better,closer to my ear and pushed back; all at the same time.Still need work on getting a deep hook grip instead of a palm grip but it too is getting there.
And again, setting up flat on my feet made all the difference and was the one reference cue I kept coming back to. Everything seemed to fall into place from there. Perfect.

rack walks with 16 kg
200 foot per arm
1200 feet
min rest
1000 feet
2200 feet.

trying to walk slower and keep my hips under me. this helps.arms get way tired though, after all these snatches,lol.

Stick slides
stick shoulder extensions
rifga for hammies/calves
Once I really get the shoulder girdle square and plumb I'm going to be doing some handstands again. I feel it. First things first though.

BW 160.
BF 8.8%

feel leaner than ever.

datsit, gotta stretch.


Brett Jones said...

Very nice Rif - and leave the crazy volume to your wife! Training looks good!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks brett.don't have much of a choice, lol.I am very very happy that I can do as much as I can do and feel better,not worse the next day.

Aaron Friday said...

Great stuff again, Rif. Seems like you are really re-shaping yourself into a more functional man. You are a strong MFer and also very wise with your impulses, although you do need to get more guns.

Tracy is a machine, and she is on your team. Build her up like you always do, but don't compare. Women have their own strengths with which men cannot compete. Men, on the other hand, have penises.

Royce said...

Rif don't compare yourself to her. She is a MACHINE. She could put most college kids into rhabdo. You are totally kicking ass. Snatching 2x a week! Awesome man!
After 8 weeks of Davids brutal circuits I did almost 18000 lb workout and feel like a cripple today. Literally raising my arms makes my traps hurt. This shit is HARD!!

Tim Anderson said...

Pretty soon it'll be snatching 4 times a week. Way to go.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks aaron, I have my tongue firmly in my cheek when I talk about her work capacity. Most women kicks guy's asses in that department.But thats how I keep pushing myself; if I know somehting is possible it just gets me going a bit more: You know that , shoot for the stars not the roof thing.
andyes the real long term goal is 'a back of iron and legs that dont quit".I want real world strength and endurance and it is coming along so much better than I ever imagined just a few short years ago.
as my wife likes to say 'life is good"

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks royce, I know she is machine and yes,this shit IS hard.but I love being in this kind of shape again.

Mark Reifkind said...

tim, you know i am getting to feel I could, at least three days! but the swings are harder and I have to stay grounded in them. they are the strength for my snatch.
one thing I have found though is that the speed work with the light bell is having a very excellent transfer to my 24 kg snatch: I can exert more force faster as I am used to doing it with the light bell.
same as squatting 70% for triples but applying max acceleration to the bar. when you put 100% on it your nervous sytem still pushes fast, like it was 70%.
speed is King baby!

Iron Tamer said...

Rif, it is really cool to see you making this kind of progress.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks david, it's been a long haul back but it's worth it :))