Monday, August 13, 2007

50 sets of pure fun.

Today was the top of the wave and although 50 sets of snatches were definitely easier than the first time I made it it is no where near easy. When I first started this I also wasn't doing 100 plus snatches on saturday and I think that day has to move to Wednesday. Even though Sat's snatch workout feels great I don't think I'm getting enough recovery to maintain and improve Mondays speed.
SO: Monday is staying the same, Wednesday will be 24 kg snatches and swings( that fits well) and saturday it's back to pure 32 kg work. We'll see how that works as while I am definitely more cardio fit from this I am getting slower due to the lack of recovery. At least that's the theory.

Max vo2 snatches with 16 kg
15 sec on, 15 sec off for 50 sets, 7 reps per cycle.
350 reps
12,600 lbs
25 minutes exactly.

I really focused on punching through and immediately punching the bell back over the top. I wanted it to stay in motion the entire time. When I do this the bell gets back into the arc much sooner and the descent is much smoother.SO much of this is just really staying into the hip snap. I was getting into a bad habit of pushing down too much and not staying focused on as strong a snap as possible. I start to 'scoop' if I do that and it's just not as strong. Hips baby hips!
This is the last five minutes.

Rack walks with 16 kg
1200 feet continuous switching hands every 200 ft.
1 minute rest
400 feet

1600 total

THis is always TOUGH after all those arms fall off.

stick squats/stick presses
4 sets of 15 non lockout close stance squats focused on increasing ROM in the left knee.
Stick press 4 sets of 5-6 with deep forward leaning stretch at the top of each rep.

datsit,staying loose.


Aaron Friday said...

God, that's impressive. Your conditioning is getting to be over the top. 50 sets!

I tried to watch the video, but even our normally high-speed connection is spitting phlegm today. I think the government has taken over the bandwidth to spy on our sub-prime mortgage behavior.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, ever since I got comcast cable instead of dsl I can't complain at all. blazing speed on both ends.
truth be told I have always done well with these types of work rest schemes.lots of experience in that energy system and now that I can actually train a bit hard again it's coming back.

Aaron Friday said...

That's right! I almost forgot you're a triathlete in addition to an RKC guru.

The breadth and depth of your experience is uncommon, and your willingness to share your insights is a blessing. You educate many people with your daily blog.

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah, all those running and cycling miles are still in my brain somewhere.thanks and glad my little rants are doing some good.

Franz Snideman said...

You guys are machines! I agree with Aaron, your conditioning is fantastic!

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

good stuff, rif.