Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Full pyramid

Didnt really plan on doing this but when the momentum gets going and you have a good training partner well, the energy sometimes takes over.
One arm swings today with the 24 kg and wanted to ramp up the volume a bit from last weeks half pyramid. I still have it in the back of my mind to do a SSST with the 24 kg for ten minutes one day, and the max vo2 training and being able to snatch( pain free) twice a week has brought back that little fantasy.So I wanted to do more than the 200 reps I would need to finish the Rite Of Passage test in the SSST style.
I know I need to be able to do at least 15 reps per side for the first couple round in order to have a chance so this is what I did.

One arm swings
24 kgs
20/20( heartrate = 164 lower than expected)

300 reps

Joe wanted me to do another set of 10/10 but I hit a nice round number and my hands were getting cooked. best to stop early rather than late.Wore Tracy's HR monitor the entire time and HR started at 132 and went up about 5-8 BPM each set.This is a good sign as I used to get into the high 170's doing this.Maybe the mvo2 training is helping.had great acceleration and power on each rep too which is good. Still a bit tired from Mondays.

Rack walks
16 kg
800 feet switch hands every 200
400 feet two switches.

man I wanted to do more but I was just cooked! Just tired, lots of hands on stuff at work today and many demos.

Rifga; 10 min

BW 160.4( after workout)
BF 9.7%
Water 59.4%

datsit staying loose.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rif, Do you find your recovery time has imporved too? It seems my HR drops pretty quickly (returns to normal) after a WO.

Aaron Friday said...

Hell of a workout. Those pyramids toast me, even though I'm usually under 10,000 lbs of volume.

Mark Reifkind said...

sara yes, my recovery time and 'wind' has seemed to be much improved.I see the carryover from the mvo2 work to these higher rep /high volume days.

thanks aaron, the only thing harder than going up is coming down.

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, after the 20/20, the 18/18 is not much of a "slack" set, is it? Those pyramids really suck ass.