Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Ruck, light and fast

Took one too many books out of the ruck today and ended up with a 38 lb pack. No wonder we went so fast! Last lap was timed at 8 minutes and each was as fast as that or faster.
Nice to have a groove on this now, especially after yesterday's workload( which I did not feel at all today)
This is my definition of fit. Do more work than ever and not even feel it the next day

38 lb pack
6 laps
55 minutes

No worries. And no wonder it felt so light. It was.
But I can still remember my first ruck walk with 10 lbs in the pack. and I was as excited I could be just to be able to walk again. As I am now. When 38 lbs in the pack for a fast hour walk is 'nothing' I have fulfilled a dream I never thought I would- to be able to have strong functioning legs again. Every day is a holiday :)


a day's rest then a meeting with a 48 kg kettlebell on Saturday

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