Saturday, April 11, 2015

40 kg One Arm Swings,Pr,Goblet squat Pr,horiz pushups, one arm kb rows

Really really solid work today. 13 sets of 7/7 with the 40 kg and it was strong. Even at the end. This is exactly what I was hoping for and the momentum is finally going in the right direction.

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5
40 kg x 7/7 x 13 sets PR
182 reps
16,016 lbs

pretty fast paced,Glenn out and Nick's back was iffy so it was just Joe and me at the end. Cardio was fine.

Goblet squat

this was also a pr just a one rep pr but it was much easier than the last time I did two reps with it. I just barely survived that. this I could have done 5's
Going to go back to belt squats next week as this really doesn't work the legs like they do but I haven't done them in awhile so it was good.

Horiz pushups
15, 13, 12, 10
these were harder than expected. Left shoulder  a little clunky of course, as the right is feeling better than ever!

KB Rows
16 kg x 10
20 kg x 8
24 kg x 5 x 2

Cable curls 1 x 20
Cable extensions 1 x 20

great great session! now to get ready for tomorrows 50 lb Ruck walk!


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