Monday, April 20, 2015

100 lb Military Press 5x5 PR!, back squats,floor pushups PR/kb row/ crawls

I knew this was going to go. My all time best with 100 lbs is 5 sets of 3 and I knew 5 x 5 would be there and it was.
It wasn't that easy but not that hard, either. Bar felt med heavy in the hands and the shoulders felt great again! the adjustments that Mark made are holding well and my entire shoulder girdle and T spine feel like they are oscillating back towards neutral.

It seems that the "event" that caused me to lose my overhead position almost overnight a few years ago was the shoulder subluxing to some degree and never getting set back correctly.
Score another big one for good chiropractic!

My most painful injury of all time, a sacral subluxation was completely fixed by Tore Gufstason in ONE adjustment. This is close.
My old ability to press feels like it is returning.

Barbell Military press
stick x 5  x 2
45 x 5
65 x 5
75 x 3
90 x 2
100 x 5 x 5! PR
All time weight and volume best

Barbell squats
65 x 10
85 x8 x 4 sets
Barbell Hacks
55 lbs x 20 ( heels up on one inch /oly shoes)

lol this was fun,and easy. it's crazy that I have NEVER squatted a barbell with two bending knee's it's fun. BUT I think my quads are worked better with the barbell hack so it's back to that next week. Also putting my heels up an inch more was good too. Very low on the quads

Floor Pushups
20 PR!

54 total reps! shoulders felt great. the 20 was strong, too

2 kb row
2 16'kg x 10 x 4 sets

really focused on geting the rear delt and mid traps here

Leopard Crawl
3 laps 50 feet

Need to do these. HATE to do these

Ring Tricep extensions/ bodyweight
2 x 12

adding these back in

ok day off tomorrow. Forgot got a full hour stretchout this morning. Love it!


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