Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sunday Ruck ; a walk in the park

Another very strong ruck today, which means I will have to add 2 lbs or so to the ruck next week bringing it up to a very nice 50 lbs even. Super happy with this as I am that much closer to the 55 lbs I will need to ruck for the GoRuck Ft Bragg Challenge IF they ever get it posted!

It was nice and cool this morning which made it much easier. I definitely do better in the cool weather as I tend to run hot as it is and am NOT heat adapted at all right now. Soon that will change but for now I appreciate the colder weather for a two hour straight walk

I also like the simplicity of just walking laps; easy to keep track and to really monitor gait, breathing pace and effort. Plus it's nice hard packed sand which is much better for my feet and knee as well.

One thing I did notice today; as I was walking I started to move from my shoulders instead of swinging just the arms and it made a BIG difference! I immediately felt the connection from my shoulder to the opposite side glute! Which is how it is supposed to work but I guess I haven't been moving my shoulders enough.

It wasn't easy and will take some effort to really 'get' in the pattern but I definitely feel it is the right thing to do.It seemed to increase my speed and decrease my effort but will take some time to be able to do it naturally. Good discovery though

48.6 lb pack
2 hours
13,700 steps
11 iso squat holds varied stances

not bad at all

heavy presses tomorrow



Roland Denzel said...

Good ol' reciprocal arm swing!

Keep up the good work!

Mark Reifkind said...

yea I just got to focus on swinging the shoulders and not just the arm! but it really felt different. I do it in a lot of gait drills that I do but haven't really felt it in my walks til today.
and thanks :)
thanks for the comment too :)