Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Swing Vo2 training, 16 min 24 kg, walking lunges, parallel pushups,crawls

Very good workout today, MUCH easier than last week although I went another minute more. 20 more reps, that's about 7.5 % jump in volume, plenty. It was strong too. I remember looking up at the clock at 10:26 seconds in and thinking I had already done the swing test and I wasn't feeling too bad

Wore my new Risto boots too and they were SO much more stable than my old adidas but super super stiff. I have a lot of breaking in to do but that's fine they rock.

Very happy to feel like my cardio is finally getting better> it's been tough for seeming ever!

24 kg Swing Vo2
10 reps/30 sec
32 sets
320 reps
14,960 lbs work

this is also making my swing form very efficient! Head is up and the stroke is as short as I can make it and still generate the power I need. LOTS of leg and glutes at the same time and my lower back is not feeling it AT ALL. The heel helps me stay in lordotic curve much better than flat foot and that is very good.
Didn't have to start double breathing until past 11 minutes. Last week it was at 8 minutes and I was howling like a wounded water buffalo :)

Walking lunges
 4 laps of 40 steps

after the swing torture this was almost easy! plus it loads the quads giving the very tired glutes and hams a much needed break. Will have to put a light back pack on for this soon. :)

Parallel bar pushups
15, 15, 14, 12

solid really starting to like this variation again. shoulders feel good. Found a variation of an overhead stretch I can do all day long and it's starting to make a  difference. Waiting out the tension works here as well. just had to find the right version to do it in

Leopard crawls
3 laps of 60 feet.

even this felt strong!

ok ruck walk tomorrow. great session
body weight 162


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