Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Swing Vo2: 20 min Pr 24 kg,walking lunges, parallel pushups/ rear delts

Man I was dreading this a bit. Glenn is out working and it was solo time again. I hoped that the last two weeks adaptations would hold but I wasn't sure.
Turned out they did.
The first ten minutes was almost easy.
My left lumbar area was a bit twingy for some reason, probably the combo of barbell back squats on Monday and a bunch of demo's yesterday on soft mats and running shoes. Oh well. It was distracting for a five minutes or so but settled down for the last five.
All in all a very good session.

One arm Swing Vo2
24 kg
40 sets of 10
400 reps
21,200 lbs

Now we start the cycles proper 13 min, the 16, 18 and 20 again. Next week should seem like a breeze

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps

these were downright easy today. perhaps start weighting these soon

Parallel bar pushups
20,18, 15, 12
 65 reps!

One arm rear delt lateral
4 sets of 15 12 lbs

cable curls/ cable kickbacks
2 sets 15 reps

 very very happy with all of it. Mental side is coming along well too now. Didn't get ahead of myself mentally at all during the set. In fact I didn't even look at the clicker, just the clock. One rep at a time one set at a time.
In for the duration

ruck tomorrow


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