Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swings and presses.

My no sitting policy seems have been paying off lately as my legs seems to be looser and less painful towards the end of the workday than they do at the beginning.
And as I stand throughout the day I have adopted some pretty interesting stances to allow me to stand comfortably. I'm not 'thinking' of what I should be doing, of what is technically correct as per body positition or gait mechanics. I'm trying to forget what I know, actually, of what I think I know, of what worked 'before' this present injury and 're-positioning' of my center.

I'm not over intellectualizing what is right or wrong about weight distribution, toe angle,back arch, etc., etc., etc. I'm just trying to feel what feels right, or, more accurately, what feels "safe" to my back. What feels strong, what feels like it might work. At this point it's any port in a storm and I KNOW that.

I also know that the stretches I have been doing and the mechanics I have been using in my standing, swing, snatch and squatting patterns don't work any more. They have to change. Into precisely what is the question. And the problem with this work is is that one rarely knows where the edge is until you step off. How far you fall and how hard you land is always a concern. But, at this point there really is no choice. At least I don't see one. And very few guides. My body is one weird animal with injuries , high mileage and compensations galore.

It's hard to take advice from someone about how my body 'should' work when it doesn't, and hasn't followed any of the standard rules in a very, very long time. So be it. It seems I'm finding my way through this dark jungle, again.

So although I swung with my olympic lifting boots last Wednesday and Saturday standing all day with a very wide sumo sta
nce with my toes turned out 30 degrees in my wrestling shoes has left an impression on me. Actually squatting throughout the day, to stretch my legs and hips in this stance made me feel, for a moment, like a powerlifter again. Anyone who knew me in my powerlifting days will know exactly what I mean when I say "air squats". I would work on my squat mechanics ALL the time, doing feed forward squats looking for the perfect groove and the perfect mechanics,. All the while working around a knee that didnt bend and a requirement to "break parallel".
I just neededed to stretch more,lol.After all

So did the urge to do straddle stretches on the floor and work towards my coronal plane splits( legs out to the side). Not to mention dreaming about two hand swings. Hey I know I'm weird. I dreamt about my gymnastics routine every night; every single night; from ninth grade through my junior year in college. Talk about great visualization work.

If single arm swings got me stabilized for the last 7 years perhaps it's time to go the other direction and try the stability of the two hand swings, or ,even double bell swings. Things my back has not tolerated- ever. I'm learning to listen to my gut, finally, to really trust my instincts. To let my inner artist win over my inner scientist.

So I went back to the wrestling shoe and decided to take my swing stance wider. How wide I wouldn't know until I did it. Really, I wouldn't know until later that day and really the next. But hey, gotta try something.

And throw in some two hand swings. Just to try. Just not too many. Then, sit and wait. and stretch some more and see what happens.

And try as well to think about intensity a bit, again. Of strength, a bit, again. and not just volume.Since I had to stop powerlifting I thought the lower loads of volume would be tolerable and they were. And they built a great base for me. But it might be time to change that again. Of going back to the press after snatching at least 1.5 times a week on average for the last five years.
Of not living for the volume number. To stop chasing miles. To stop trying to catch Tracy.I can't do it. I don't know if anyone can but I know I can't. Training your weak points is one thing but that would just be sheer masochism. She has a gift.

And so do I, it's just not cardio,lol.

It's strength.

So it's more low rep sets and find the position that works even if it means letting go of everything I've done recently. Of not worrying about the SSST Rite of Passage. At least for now but maybe forever.

here's the workout:

One arm swing/two hand swing
16 kg x5/5/5x3
20 kgx5/5/5

24 kgx5/5/5x 5sets

one arm swings/H2H transfers
28 kg x5/5/5 x 5

this was great and a solid warmup. the two hands felt perfect and I had to hold myself back from doing them with the 28kg as well but I had no idea how they would feel later. still dont. It's early.
32 kgx5/5

These went really well and I did them looking in the mirror trying to see what was happening to my hips when I worked on different arms. The wider stance felt good and strange at the same time. I felt like a powerlifter again and it felt good. The 32 kg felt light in my hands and this was good as well.

Long Cycle clean and press( one clean per press)

20 kg x5/5
24 kg x5/5
28 kg x3/3
28 kg x2/2

here too, I followed my instincts and my experience and incorporated the techniques that are standard, and where I know my strength to be. This made it much easier than trying to "do it right" . I could have easily done the 32 kg but I didn't want to push it more than I already was. I held the last rep of each press set for a couple seconds on the right arm to work overhead flexibility.

Again, a wider than normal stance and a straight line press. Shades of Louie an WSB. The muscle makes the groove. Couldn't agree more Louie.

Arm Casts
10 lb cb x15/15
15 lb cb x10/10
20 lb cb x 8/8x 3 sets

decided that I would also like my triceps back and I will do what I need to to get them. this will include db triceps extensions and kb triceps extensions at some point but today it meant arm casts. great pump. there, I said it.

We'll see how it feels tomorrow but for now, it's a victory against this injury and the weakness it want to lay on me.



Boris T. said...

Good to hear things are improving on the injury front. Nice work on the C&P as well.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Boris.As of this morning their seems to be no negative reprecussions from the workout, a very good sign.

It would be great to be able to press hard again; it is perhaps my strongest natural talent.