Saturday, January 02, 2010

" the only thing harder than figuring it out is remembering to do it."

These are words I should have tattooed somewhere I can see it. The key component of getting my back 'in place' two years agowas getting into Z health and figuring out that because of my knee injury my center of balance was totally off to my right, strong side. LOTS of Z drill standing on my left leg really helped bring me back into( somewhat) balance and with it went my back pain.
When my sacrum went out last year it was after my left knee locked up and I was hobling around on my right leg too much shifting me way out to the right. Too much yoga and not enough Z lead me to beleive that I WAS still in balance but obviously I was not.
I HAVE TO SET UP MY TWO LEG STANCE OFF MY LEFT LEG. Then set my right leg. That is where my center is. I can't forget that nor not check it regularly. Because also, if my lower body is off so is my upper body and thoracic spine and thats when thing went seriously wrong for me.
THanks again to Leslie Wu for giving me the lower body counter point( the thoracic spine) to assess.That started the whole ball rolling towards figuring this out again and getting out of pain. Thanks Leslie!

Too much lateral shifting of the lower body will create a corresponding and opposite lateral shifting of the upper body. At least for me,especially with scoliosis.This is why I felt as if I was being sheared in two along the frontal plane. NOT FUN at all. Don't need to experience that one again.

Long story long, my back seems to be holding and snatches today were back on track. I am still not confident enough to try to load on all the fronts that Max vo2 training loads one on: volume of total sets, volume of reps per set, speed of each rep, power of each rep and of course one serious cardiovascular component.

SO I stayed with freestyle max today with a goal of 50 total sets of 8( last week was 38 before I got tight) and not really knowing how fast I could go. Tracy and Meg were set for 70+ sets of 8 with the 16kg so I knew I had that inspiration to push me but I knew that I shouldnt push myself too much no matter what.

Freestyle Max Vo2 15:15
16 kg
50 sets of 8
400 reps
14,400 lbs

Not a bad way to start the new year,lol. I started off with 8's right from the get and found I wasn't needing to rest too much, probably about 20-25 seconds. As I warmed up I started resting less and trying to stay with either Tracy or Meg as they went, or go in between their sets. Pretty soon I would be able to strong together a bunch of 15 seconds rest, pacing off Tracy or Meg then I would need to stop and wipe the ridiculous amount of sweat off before proceeding.
I noticed I past the 30 set mark in 17 minutes which is not far off actual pace at all.

My rep and set speed started to slow down around 35 sets and I got a decent blister which reminded me to pace a but slower( Tracy later showed me her crazy TEAR she got with 20 sets to go- she did 72 total sets of 8!- didn't slow her down a bit).

I knew I could make my goal of 50 sets and had to skip a cycle of 15 second towards the end but all in all I felt very strong throughout, although my form is still in search mode. This is especially true since I took off the OL shoe I've been using forever. No worries though.Back to my original lumbo pelvic rythym it seems. That's good.

I don't know my total time as I gapped and didnt check my stop watch after I finished and settled in to watch Tracy and Meg finish their sets but I'm sure it wasn't too far off. Very happy with this.

One arm swings

24 kg x 5/5
x 6/6

Man this was hard!Lol,I wanted to make sure the back held but I could really feel these in my legs and hips, just where I wanted to. Each week slowly going up is solid. Want to make my way back to the 28kg 32 kg and 36kg for one arm swings. This is the most important assistance exercise for my snatches and I won't forget that again.

datsit for kbs. off to yoga with my beautiful yogini bride.


L. Wu said...

Yay =)


Mark Reifkind said...


thanks again so much, it really did set the stage for my recovery!

Justin Qualler said...

Rif, great title and reminder. I find myself in a similar situation, having learned a lesson and then forgetting to practice it. Now it's back to practicing the lesson and hoping I don't forget again!

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