Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everything works...

but nothing works forever.
So says powerlifting Guru Louie Simmons and I know he is right. And it might be time to accept that the snatch might not be working for me right now. Not forever, but for right now.And as close as I am to my 50K snatch goal, and as strong as it's been for so long it's more important to NOT have any back pain, be able to work as much as I need to and do get done what's really important in life .I've been doing Max Vo2 every week straight for the last 3+ years. As well as snatching the 24 kg working my way up to 200 reps per workout once a week as well

Last year, to accomodate doing Bikrams as well as my snatch goal I stopped swing training. It worked really well for a year and I thought it the perfect compromise;the snatch is a swing AND an overhead support.

It's stopped working and I need to listen.

My back was iffy again this weekend so something has to change. I am giving up bikrams for right now as well as the snatch. Something has shifted in my center of balance and has changed my overhead postition for the worse. The snatches seem to aggravate it as much as I hate to admit it. The swings feel much better; more square, more stable, with no fear. And the 90 minutes in bikrams in putting me in way too much flexion for right now and I'm not doing the other key stretches I need to be doing so that will change.

I swung heavy last week flatfooted and I don't think that's right either.Today I wore my OL boots and things felt much better.I need to keep an anterior pelvic tilt and my quads engaged or my hips just tuck under and my lumbar spine goes into serious flexion. The pains says that's not right. I will listen.

I also have been thinking I might be able to tolerate two handed swings again and will try to work them in as well, gently , as well as two clubbell swipes. I need another big movement to do.we'll see.


One Arm Swings;

12 kg x 10/10 x2
16 kg x5/5x 4

20 kg x 5/5

these went well although they started stiff and awkward. By the last set things had smoothed out and my hips were working well with my lower spine arched properly.

24 kg x5/5x5 sets

these felt strong and easy as well.

Clean and press
16 kg x 5/5 one clean per press
20 kg x4/4x3
24 kg x 2/2

for some reason I felt like pressing would be ok, even if snatching wasnt. it felt solid square and strong. I just wanted to get a little more hip work in as well with the long cycle approach

two clubbell swipes
10 lbs x 10 reps x 3
15 lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets

I still kept on the OL boot and used the smallest hip hinge I could do. I also did these looking in the mirror to make sure my hips stayed perfectly square. This movement is actually very easy for me, I am built well for it and would love to put up some decent numbers in it. If I can just NOT get tweaked,lol. We'll see.

One arm deadlift

24 kg x5 x 5 sets

it seems my right erector does not want to fire. I had Tracy palpate my back to make sure which arm dl created the correct lat activation and it was the right arm that made the right erector turn on. I need to do some more asymmetrical training again, it seems. Whatever. it takes.


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