Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday Clubs and Standing training.

I've realized that perhaps the best way to really prepare for all the time I will have to spend on my feet at my upcoming certs here in San Jose is to stand as much as possible each day. Now this doesn't sound that hard, unless you have a knee like mine that's basically been destroyed since 1974 and doesn't like to bend much at all.Ever. And yells and screams at me HARD if I do.

So I used to spend a bunch of time sitting on a stability wall while I coached. I figured it was better than actually sitting on a chair. But since my back has been 'out' sitting ain't that much fun. Standing so much in Bikrams gave me a new found respect for how hard it is to stand still AND stay tight at the same time. Especially on one leg.

Now I have to learn how to stand still and stay relaxed, on two legs. I have to figure out how to keep my very arthritic and 'non liking load bearing' left knee how to stand in a way that doesnt cause my left leg to load up and lock up.

Again I had to throw out "theory" and go with what "works", by intuition and imagination. I spent the last two days standing 8 hours straight and figuring out how to do so without locking up my knee. Its been very interesting to say the least and I am encouraged. Wider stances, toes turned out!(what, was that my VMO actually firing?cool).

Half kneeling lunges, on both sides, with the ankles dorsiflexed,not plantarflexed. Little differences can make huge changes. Determined to not sit on the ball and NOT lock up.

Again, stretching as training. All day. Remember the goal " a back of iron and legs that never quit" even though that seems light years away.

But I stood all day today and my leg was looser at the end than it was at the beginning, that's good.

Wednesday clubbell

quick and dirty workout

2 10 lb clubs/swipes
25 reps x 3 sets short rest

2 15 lb clubs
15 reps x 3 sets short rest

these felt good and I could have done way more reps with the 10 lb'er but I had to, as usual, keep one foot on the break and I tried to ease gently onto the gas.I definitely felt the grip and the shoulders on the 15's and that was suprising. I've done 150 continuous before and will do more again.

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