Saturday, January 09, 2010

60 sets of 8 in freestyle snatch vo2

I was a little worried about todays workout because my back has been feeling so good,lol. So I proceeded with caution. I had 60 sets as my goal today even though I just hit 50 last week. I know, I know, but I am behind :))
actually the jump isn't that big because I am still doing it freestyle, not strictly against the clock. The good news today was that cardio wise I think I could have come close to going a strict 15 seconds rest but I am not that confident in my snatch groove or my back to try to work that hard and explosively against the backdrop of real fatigue, cardio or muscular.
The swings I did last week really made me feel strong but it is a totally different groove than for my snatches and it threw me off a bit for the first 15 -20 sets.
My lats were tightening up too much for my taste and I realized I was sitting back too far( like, uh, for my swing,lol) and that wasnt working for the snatch. I fixed it but I was still a bit cautious.

Also the sweat monster has come back to visit me and it gets in my way as much or more than cardio fatigue or my back worries. I was wearing a shirt, shoes and wrestling shoes as well as wrist bands to try to soak up some of the sweat but by set 30 it was flying everywhere and the bell was sitting in puddle. Lovely.
Since I had more time to play with between sets I took care to really dry off as much as I could but as I warmed up I went faster, and wanted to as well so that didnt work too well.High quality problem I know.

All the thoracic mobility work I have been doing seems to have been paying off in my overhead position as well as my hips. I spent 30 full minutes stretching out, doing overhead mobility work and rolling before we jumped in.

I also tried out my new hand taping method which rocks! A variation of Nick's version this will let people tape their own hands as effectively and easily as having a partner do it. A video of this will go up soon.

Snatch Vo2 freestyle 15:15
60 sets of 8
16 kg
480 snatches
17,280 lbs

I think perhaps next week I will do some heavier sets with the 20 kg( perhaps sets of 6) and go back to a strict 15 seconds rest as I plan on doing snatches just on saturdays and devoting wednesdays workouts to mostly least for awhile til I can figure out how to put in another day of kb work.

10 lbs arm casts x10/10/10/10
15 lb arm casts x 10/10 x5 sets

these felt good but I would like to go back to swipes, a bigger ROM exercise.Still a bit concerned about the back/pelvis and that close stance groove. we'll see.

datsit. Yoga in an hour with my beautiful yogini wife. Saturday has now become one serious training day. way cool.