Saturday, January 30, 2010

Swing Vo2

Even though it is tempting, as my back feels better, to try to do some snatches again I am taking my own advice and not snatching until after my February commitments are over. And even though I was also tempted to do swing vo2 today with the 20 kg again I let my brain take over my ego.
Man , it was just a few weeks ago I was in agony and wondering if I could stand and walk and now I'm concerned I'm taking it too easy on myself. crazy.

But I listened and it went well today. and it was NOT easy. I did 6o sets of 10 reps per arm in the 16 kg one arm swing, 15:15 style and it was hard enough. I opened my stance, went back to wrestling shoes and kept my head up more. The opposite of my old positions. 10 more than last week and I was wishing it was over way before it was. It was good to see my cardio is still decent. this should take care of it, that and as much walking as my knee can take.

I finished the week at work standing straight through the 7 hours and it's getting easier. And, as I thought would happen, changing my stances and standing so much overloaded my right ankle and metatarsals on my right foot. It was killing me last night but worked it's way out so far this am. Lets hope all this hangs tough and I've figured out the new direction I need to go in, training and movement wise. AS well as the corrective exercises and stretching I really need to do to stay out of pain.
Getting my swing and standing stances out wider, with the toes out much more really lets me feel my full foot and the ground, all four edges. Something that never happens with the toes straight. At least not in the gait pattern. I can also really fire both VMO's, again something that doesnt happen in the sagittal plane stances. All I can say is that it seems to be working for now.

two hand swing 16 kg x 4x10
transfers 2x10

it was nice to do some two hands. I really hope I can train this move for the first time soon,

Swing Vo2
16 kg 15:15
10 reps per arm
60 sets
600 reps
21,600 lbs
30 minutes

of course Tracy did 80 sets of max vo2 with the 16 kg mostly sevens and eights! and it was awesome. And it wasn't easy. And JUST because it wasn't easy BUT it got done so strongly and with such determination made it that inspiring to watch as share the training space and experience with her.

rep ladder
51 reps

wow, I havent done a pushup OR a horizontal pushing move since 2005 when I gave up bench pressing for kettlebells. I just couldn't. It KILLED my right shoulder and rotator cuff and would immediately lock up my teres major( the psoas of the upper body,lol) for days.
I've done snatches for the last three years as my primary upper body exercise, along with some clubbell work and overhead holds but no pressing.

Now it seems to have switched. I've wanted to get my pushup back ever since I thought about getting my handstand back but now handstands don't seem to be good for my back and I think I can do pushups.

I did these Naked Warrior/Gymnast style. Slow, perfectly controlled and with high tension. I was amazed that I could actually do them with no pain, AND how quickly I got smoked in the subsequent sets! great work for all the upper body muscles, especially as I was rowing myself down into the bottom, paused as long as I could,lol.The bottom position reminded me of start of the hollowback press on the rings. Way cool.

Two Hand Clubbell
Barbarian press

20 lb cb x 10/10 x3
25 lb x8 x 8 sets ( alternating arms with a short rest/sets)

these were good but tough,especially after the pushups.

10 lb cb 10/10 x2 sets

didn't seem like a good idea for my right arm. abandoned it. too much iffy rotation right now.

drive home then

Rack walks
1000 feet continuous
100 feet with right arm rack, 100 feet with left arm farmers

45 sec rest
600 continuous

these went very well.knee tracked as well as it has for a long time.

datsit. can't be believe that next Saturday will be our SECOND HKC at Girya. Cannot wait.

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