Saturday, November 24, 2007

The tide is still rising.

This is my favorite part of a cycle; when higher than ever training loads are adapted to and what was hard is now strong and easy.When you finish heavier or harder workouts than you have ever done and have plenty left in the tank.And know that you did overload enough to stimulate more adaptation but haven't paid too much for it.
While I jumped the gun on the push presses I seemed to have timed the swings and snatches well.New swing PR with the 32kg today and was strong the whole time.

One arm swings

32kgx10/10x17 sets
340 reps/ pr
24,480 lbs.

This was great. Groove was solid, power was high,the bell felt light and the workload comfortable.Can't ask for more.

Torch press
15lbsx 5/5x2
Double press
2 15 lbsx5/5x3
Arm casts
cast to flag
10lbs x5/5
double cast to flag
two hand circular casts
15lbs x12/12x3

These are a great finisher to the saturday workout and my shoulders,upper back and triceps are liking it as well.
Very happy with todays workout and can really feel the increased stretching paying off already.



Aaron Friday said...

Holy shit, dude. 340 reps? Nice PR!

Mark Reifkind said...

almost tracyesque eh? lol, I can foresee 400 reps now.20 sets of 20. Have to be a good day though.