Monday, November 26, 2007

Push press

I've decided to turn Mondays back into another snatch day.Even though the push presses are going well from a technical( and a pain level) sense, they just dont get me going the same way snatches do. I have to not only limit the top end weight, but also the top end effort it seems or else my shoulder protests.Yet my left side can do twice the work my right can and lately I havent felt like I get much of a workout on Mondays.
ANd yet snatches,no matter what the weight, and swings always kick my ass. As does rack walks and they are going back in too.
So Mondays will be either the 20 or the 24 kg for longer sets with solid lockouts and only one hand switch. Multiple sets.
Wednesdays will be either max vo2 with the 16 or ssst style with the 20 kg.Adding back in the rack walking for increasing distance and the cb work and it should be a good balance. I really like the cb work but it torches the grip crazy!doing volume anything with heavier clubs is very impressive to me now.I just like throwing those clubs around in circles too and it makes my 3 lb Old English Bastard sword seem like a toothpick!

Push press
20kg x5/5,6/6,7/7,8/8,9/9,10/10
90 reps
these went very well actually but they just dont move me. I feel like I could press the weights for the same reps at the same speed but know it would wreck me.the snatches are such a big ROM exercise for me its much harder but feels safer.

torch swings
2 10s x10x3 sets
2 15s x8x3 sets
the 15s,even with a modest choke were not easy,especially at the end of the set.

2 10sx20,20
2 15sx 14,12

these were MUCH better than last time,where I thought my way through the move too much instead of feeling my way through it like it did today.really have tons of respect for guys who can use 2 25s for high reps sets of these. No joke. Going to keep this move in here after snatches.the combination of the double arm cast and double arm pendulum is very interesting.

Rack walks
16kgx1200 feet, hand switch every 200 feet.
Need this again. Not only forces me to focus on gait mechanics,and overloads them but really works the wind and the arm in a safe way. this is back in..

BW 160.4
Water 60.7%

Datsit. Z drills later.

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