Wednesday, December 02, 2015

28 kg speed swings, walking lunges,parallel bar pushups,rear delts

Interesting experiment today. Never did speed work with anything but the 24 kg but since it is the download 10 minute week to prepare for next weeks 20 min  peak and we feel so damn strong and recovered , Glenn and I decided to do the ten minutes with the heavier bell.
The key was not just to survive it but still keep the power high.

It went very well on many levels despite a few mishaps. Mentally I was there but it was definitely heavier than expected and I was a bit more sore in the upper body from Mondays press pr and it took awhile to warmup
Not as cold as before but not even close to warm
And, I ended up with some baby powder on my hands which I thought I fully washed off but still had enough residue to make the bell just a tad slippery.
Not the best thing with a heavy bell for speed work
But it still was only ten minutes and that is nothing now when before it was 10 minutes too long !

So speed and power were good as was wind ( no double breathing til the last 1.5 minutes.) and I didn't feel at all like I did when I tested with the 32. That would be harder now but nowhere near as hard as before. A good sign of progress

It's good to feel now that I can suffer for ten minutes no problem. the 20 minutes sessions have done their job

Speed swings
28 kg
20 sets of 10
200 reps
12.600 lbs

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40

these kicked my ass. Had to use more leg in the swings to make sure my back didn't load and it showed up here. Nice

Parallel pushups

pecs and shoulders are tired

db rear delts
3 sets of 15 with 12 lbs

ok ruck up tomorrow with 50 lbs and see how short and heavy feels


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