Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cold Ruck

 A frosty 31 degrees at 7 am when we started out ruck! Brisk , thats for sure but not bad at all when you dress for it . I put on a zip up windbreaker over my t and I was good to go. Beanie and gloves came off after three laps when I started to sweat.

Not bad either. though I would be more stiff but was good. Started steady and got faster as we went. Last lap was fastest too.

50 lb Ruck weight
12 laps
1 hr 55 min
5 iso squats ( really needed these to stretch out the glutes and legs )
5th lap 8:10
7th lap 8:00
12 th lap 7:47

stretched out first which did seem to help.

BW 164.4
BF 13 %
W 56.4

ok presses tomorrow but a back off week probably 80% ( 95 lbs)


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