Thursday, December 24, 2015

Calf ruck

Weird weird weather. El Nino strikes and we have warm and wet and cold weather almost changing by the minute.Got home today ready to ruck and it was storming. So I made some lunch  and watched the sky turn to sunshine!
Tracy had put something in the oven so someone had to stay home so she went out for a ruck and I expected it to be a loss for the day.

It rained on her but when she got home it cleared so I chanced it and went out full belly and all.
Started slow and the soft sand I walk in around the park had turned to slush so my calves immediately protested.

And my legs started yacking at me too from the swings and the weighted lunges! Luckily my salomon GTX boots really are goretex and my feet stayed dry . Really love these shoes and they are breaking in perfectly and holding up magnificently as well.

I was actually happy when it started to rain four laps in as I really ate too much to push the pace much and I still hadn't 'warmed' up.

I planned on walking home on lap five but then I warmed up , my legs loosened up and I wasn't cold. just wet so I got it done on six laps

Hard one

46 lb Ruck
6 laps
55 minutes
3rd lap 8:20
6th lap :7:55

weird ruck but got it done

BW 165.2
BF 12.4
W 57.3

still weird. still feel big, lean, and pumped most of the time



Diana said...

Good looking boot!
Never fails when the feet feel good, no matter how the rest of the body, or mind for that fact feel, we can get things done!!

Love the ruck!

Mark Reifkind said...

Yea, I had some Lowas that I tried to get to work for months and they just weren't comfortable on my right foot. these, however fit like gloves. I am going to get the trail running shoes for everyday wear when I my Innov8's wear out.

Love the ruck indeed!