Wednesday, December 30, 2015

24 kg Speed Swings, 15 min, Sandbag walking lunges,parallel pushups, side delts

Another seriously strong speed session. Went in well prepared mentally, which is really the key. Spending the 30 min drive home from work to the gym focused on it and mentally rehearsing has made a major difference

Cold as hell in the meatlocker, I mean garage today :) It was WAY warmer outside but so it goes. I started with a cap and a shirt on. It took about 3 minutes for them to go away. Who needs a sauna for heat shock therapy when you have max Vo2?

Very good power output the whole time and I barely had to double breath at all. The least amount used in this long a workout for sure. Good sign my conditioning is getting much better. If I can HS breathe my stability will be higher as well as my force production. and power. Everything is coming along just as I had hoped.

It just takes so stinkin' long :)

24 kg Speed Swing vo2
15:15 10 rep sets
30 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs work

back felt fine the entire time. Had a great full body hour long stretchout this morning and that really helped.
Heel is ALMOST to butt. SO CLOSE but so far away. Plenty of knee ROM so I'm not complaining just thought I would hit that goal by now.

Sandbag walking lunges
30 lb bag  x 5 laps of 20 ft

this is STILL tough ,lol! do these things ever get easy in ANY configuration? Doing them with greater quality as I only have one lap to do but man they feel almost the same as two bw laps!!!

Parallel pushups
4 sets of 20

some kind of shoulder flexibility shift I can get lower into the pushup( more shoulder extension at bottom) than ever before. Just like being able to touch my nose to the deck in flat pushups.

Have to say that nothing screwed my shoulders up more than being good at the bench! all that excessive arching, rhomboid adduction and pressing without using the scapula AT ALL really will mess up your shoulder ROM, especially overhead and jack up your motor patterns.

It's taking so long to unfuck that. But it's finally coming. The scapula HAS to move , and well, for the shoulder to work correctly

side delts
3 sets of 15-12 with 15 lbs

finally getting some meat on the shoulder. about time

ok ruckout tomorrow, can't wait and then 10 sets of 9/9 in the Beast swing. I have half thoughts of just testing and doing 10 sets of 10/10 as a  end of year thing. Don't think so but maybe.:-)



Kettlebell Courage Corner Seattle WA said...

Congrats on such a successful block of training Mark. Best wishes for 2016-

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, having my knee fixed made all the difference. what a miracle that was/ is for me.
Have a great 2016 yourself