Saturday, March 24, 2012

Towards the snatch test

After Thursday's great success I wondered how today would go. I felt too good so I got worried, :)) I know I needed to back off a bit but wasn't sure how. Need to get my 100 reps in but in what combination?

I settled on 5/5/ 3/3/. that would keep the volume of reps per set up to where it was last week but lower the intensity(only 5 reps per hand is easier than 10).Shoulder felt good. legs finally felt recovered and back was mobile as well. Now I'm really suspicious :))

Little did I know the problem child would be the DL not the snatch.

stretchout 7 -7:45 AM
the Basic Seven first:

1) Back bend over stability ball
2) Foam roller
3) Brettzell with straight leg
4) Strap Stretch/ hammies
5) Up Dog
6) Down Dog
7) Thai squat

these are my first crucial seven stretches I must do first every day.There are others that are great to include but these set me up for my workout and my work day.
After those  are:

8) Kneeling Hip flexor stretch with toe dorso flexion
9) Overhead stick stretch
10) Behind Back stick stretch
11) Straddle stretch on floor
12) Pike stretch on floor
13) Overhead hand from bar
14) Hip opening squat stretch
15) Wall toe/ foot/calf stretch

that's my 45- 60 minute stretch routine in various permutations; given whatever is tightness that day and yelling at me the most :))

8 am
One arm swing warmup 16 kg x 5/5/5 x3

16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 4/4

24 kg x 5/5/3/3 x 5
         x 10/10 x 1

100 reps

Over all went fine although my left shoulder took awhile to warmup out of the blue and my downstroke on left was sloppy for a few sets, then it settled in. At a whole 'nother level with my snatch endurance training these days for no good reason. But I'll take it.

135 x3 
      x 2
185 x1
220 x 1 x 5

I'm taking these out of the program again. Slightly tweaked my left adductor on a perfectly solid ,easy rep.This just shows me I still don't do well with locked in bi lateral movements, be it the two hand swing or a barbell lift. It sucks but I don't have a choice. No need hurting myself trying to get stronger to avoid hurting myself :))

The  single KB still reigns supreme for me; being so asymmetrical it gives me the greatest latitude to adjust, bio mechanically and not tweak.

Band Rear delts s/s Pbar handstands
4 x 15 reps and 10 seconds.

HS felt very solid today. Much more work on this movement to come. taking out kb presses as well and putting in Handstand practice as it's own first movement on Thursdays. These don't hurt me I do them well and they need way more work for me to improve.

New(est) Schedule:

24 kg Snatch
Two hand Clubbells
P Bar handstands
Band Rear Delt

16 or 20 kg Snatch test work
One arm swings
Floor handstands
Ring Tri extensions

Handstands ( floor and Pbar)
2 CB swipes
KB walks( racks and farmers, one or two bells)
BodyBlade laterals

Sisu/Never Quit


Boris Terzic said...

Nice work the the snatches. Good luck with the RKC test.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks boris,my snatch and swings are at a different place now. 'bout time :))