Tuesday, March 13, 2012

28 kg presses and one arm swings

I freakin hate daylight saving's time. especially this part. let me tell who ever is in charge of this that March 11 is NOT April 21, the first day of spring where we " spring forward".
I get up too early to begin with and when 3:45 turns into 2:45 it gets ugly fast.

3: 45 is very early morning. 2:45 is the middle of the night and I don't function well the rest of the day when I get up that early.Especially if I wake up even earlier in anticipation of that. ack

Lots of coffee and green tea today and I was still asleep on my feet. If Glenn hadn't been there I would have been napping and not training but it turned out well

one arm swings
16 kg x5/5/5/ x3

Mil Press
16 kg x5/5
  20 kg x 4/4
24 kg  x2/2

28 kg x 2L/2 R
         x 2 L/ 3 R
         x 2L/ 4 R

these were very strong and I could  have done 10 with the right arm amazing how little strength I lost not pressing for 6 weeks :)) same as before when I was rehabbing my right shoulder.Left shoulder still not 100 % and the groove was off but there is hope.

One arm swings
24 kg x10/10
28 kg x 10/10 x 4 sets

easy! the new/old technique was solid and speed and power were excellent.

two hand arm cast
25 lb cb x 10/10 x 3 sets

strong. didnt want the 35 lb today strong though here.

2 db kickback
12 x 15
15 lb x 12 x 2

ouch. big triceps cramps. nice

one arm band lateral
3 x 15

Sisu/never Quit

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