Thursday, March 22, 2012

1st 100 continuous snatches/ 16 kg

When I did my RKC the snatch test was a one hand switch test. I weighed in one pound heavy ( 166) and had to do 28/28 reps with the 24 kg. I had trained for 25/25 and barely could hold on to that.My technique was newly learned and I was arm strong and pulled too much. I also had/have big forearms that pump up like crazy.

Lets just say I wasn't a fan of this GS style test where grip endurance was the limiting factor. It took me five tries( three slips of the grip over the weekend and one success where the video camera "didn't work" . I got it on the fifth try.

Then I did 80 reps with the 24 when we were coming up with the numbers for this current version of the RKC snatch test and 80 was what we thought it would be, for a guy my weight ( not age) but then it got bumped to 100 reps for everybody.

When I did the 80 reps I did 20 reps in 40 seconds , put the bell down, rested 20 seconds ( which soon turned to 10 as I fatigued). I never did more anything over that 56 reps continuously and didn't want to.

ANd as a Master ( in age) I COULD use the 20 kg for my test but I don't want to. I want to be able to pass the snatch test with the 24 EASILY pretty much all the time . I can't think of a better barometer of my strength, endurance, cardio fitness, mental toughness  and power.
BUt I hate the damn thing. Have hated it because I really didn't have the right groove for me. I think I do now.

I want to be able to, eventually, do the 24 kg snatch test as strongly as I did the above with the 16. This was a big breakthrough for me, finding( re finding) my groove.It never made sense to me why I could reps so easily with the clubs but not the bells. Now I know; I had my right groove with the cbs but not my swing and snatch. Not really.

Till now.

Glenn couldn't make it today so we were supposed to go light and easy but I just had this idea in my head to just do our weekly 100 reps in one set. I wouldn't have been opposed to stopping early if it was hard. I know we are supposed to be backing off.
last weeks  two high rep sets were easy and I knew today would be too.

One arm swing warmup

16kg x5/5/5 x3

16 kg
10 right


handstand practice

11 sets of HS
5 sets tap off against wall
6 sets free kickup from 5-10 second

these went great and I'm think of replacing my press workout with handstand practice.

Rack Walks
16 kg
2 400 ft set 200 r 200  continuous
1 200 ft set r & l

1200 ft total

bodyblade laterals

Ring tri extensions: 3 supersets



Diana said...

Nice job on the snatches Mark!
The other day I did rack walk/see-saw presses for 50 yards, rested then came back for a total of 100 yards. So easy to forget how such a "simple" movement can fire up that nervous system!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks it's just a little/big deal for me given how much I've hated doing this test in the past. finally all the parts are coming together.

Juci RKC said...

Great job, Master!
Both the snatches and the handstand.

(I think I still hate the damn thing. The mean the snatch test).

Mark Reifkind said...

judit, I hate it to so that's why I'm hoping to master it; so I can love it :)).
strengthen my weak points and all that.
I'm finally at the place physically that I can even think about 'training' it.
that's nice.