Monday, March 05, 2012

Bodyweight 100s

I've been re reading Convict Conditioning 1 and 2 and have been re inspired to restore even more bodyweight movements and skills that I have lost.The most important being my left leg and overall squat strength.It's great that I can deadlift again, and honestly, that function, being strong while bending down and being able to pick up moderately heavy things off the ground is vital it's nice to have strong quads and calves too.

I used to do a ton of quad and calf work and my knee was much stronger than it is now. Of course I am older but I truly believe the stronger my quads and calf is the better my leg will function. The problem is finding the movements and loads that I can do, and, recover from.

This seems to be the start: goal = 100 reps per exercise, done every other day (EOD) between KB workouts

left leg forward lunge
left leg straight leg calf riase
left leg bent knee calf raise
two leg straight leg calf raise
bodyweight squat
100 ups
Terminal knee extensions with band

did this today and got about 60 reps in each exercise.I want to start very slowly. I used the TRX for stability in most of the exercises and it worked well but the wall did too.

It's funny but just getting a pump in the calves and quads made the leg feel more springy immediately.
Also did the full stretchout as well from 6-7.

Need to stay on top of this

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