Thursday, March 29, 2012


It struck me today, after we did  140 reps in the clubbell swipes in sets of 10-15 reps, that perhaps three days focusing on high reps might be too much. I am seriously sore! From stem to stern, in a good way( except for my left knee, as usual) but stiff and sore

But I also realized that I might actually adapt to this workload-eventually, perhaps- and that if I wanted to really bump up my strength endurance for the snatch test goal that this might be a good path. Especially since the clubs are more natural to me and stress out the joints even less than the kbs do.

We'll see,but now I realize that it might not have been the deadlifts that made me so freakin' sore but the high rep snatches instead- even though they felt so easy.All I know is that my left leg was not happy and I walk funny enough already.

( my new pain balls on the right.batting machine balls.supposed to be softer than lacrosse ball but I don't think so. Just larger :)) I know they will be getting lots of use)

Two clubbell swipes
15 lbs x 10, 15, 20, 25
          x 10,15,20, 15
130 reps
3900 lbs

these were easy and hard at the same time. trying to keep things easy and low key but the reps definitely felt like they added up. The grip stress is different than kbs but serious as well. perhaps more serious than kbs as the thumb is heavily involved where with the kbs it is not. you could swing kbs with a false grip to a certain extent if you wanted.

P bar Handstands
MUCH harder than I expected and it took me 2-4 tries to get all the way overhead for the first 3-4 sets before I settled down. Shoulders( muscular/ upper back ) were also saying hi at the top of the handstand, sore for the first 3 sets than relaxing.
6 sets of 5-10 seconds

Rack Walks
200 feet per arm x 4 laps
100 feet per arm switch x 1
1000 feet

these actually were feeling great. shoulder was staying quite and knee and gait were the best they have been all day.

We'll see how this plays out, not sure at all but it's fun for now:))



Twinkx11 said...

i'm interested in clubbells. can you recommend a source?
thank you.

Mark Reifkind said...

google scott sonnon. I think its rmaxinternational but google will find it.